How to submit your writing

How to submit your writing

Send us your Writing!

The Dawson English Journal accepts submissions at any time.  You can submit your work here on the journal site, or simply send your writing to us at


Submission Guidelines

We will accept any academic assignment written for a Dawson English course at any level (101, 102, 103 or BXE), or for a Reflections, CALL or Liberal Arts course.

Please note:  We do not publish creative writing. If you have a piece of creative writing, we suggest you submit it to Dawson’s Creations Journal.

To be considered for publication in our next issue, your assignment must:

  1. be between 500-3000 words
  2. have received a grade of  85% or higher
  3. be a clean, edited copy
  4. include your name, the course name and the instructor’s name
  5. be formatted in MLA style

After the posted submission deadline, the editorial team reads all submission carefully, then meets to discuss and evaluate all the essays.  At this time the committee selects a limited number of pieces for publication.  All readings of the assignments are blind, meaning all information identifying the author, course and teacher are removed from the texts before the editors read them.


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