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The Inevitable Monstrosity of Innovative Design

on 02. May, 2016

Written by Meghan Dove For Prof. Shalon Noble Graphic design is a combination of advertising, fine art, and typography with an emphasis on giving “order to information, form to ideas, [and] expression and feeling to artifacts that document human experience” (Meggs 588). In the graphic design industry, Fibonacci sequences, the golden ratio, and fractal patterns […]

Easy to Find? Speech Language Pathologists are like Needles in a Haystack

on 02. May, 2016

Written by Esfir Tkach for Prof. Jeffrey Gandell Why me? Why wasn’t I good enough? Guilt overwhelmed me. The fear of any type of communication made my body tremble and sweat. The fear of laughter or rejection made my anxiety ever more noticeable. I found myself stuck in an eternal loophole. The same exact routine […]

Erasing the Lines Between Economics, Equality, and Health

on 02. May, 2016

Written by Cheyenne Thomas  For Prof. Tavish McDonell On a pack of cigarettes, we have a gruesome warning label, informing us of the health consequences we expose ourselves to when we smoke. When buying packaged and processed foods, we have a nutritional label at our disposal, to allow us to decide for ourselves if we […]

Be Who You Wanna Be, B-A-R-B-I-E

on 02. May, 2016

Written by Jamie Sterlin for Prof. Neil Hartlen In the science fiction stories “Options” and “The Barbie Murders,” John Varley discusses the novum of body modification through opposing points of view. In “Options,” the author suggests that body modification can be a safe way to explore one’s gender and / or sexuality while still remaining […]

One Plus One Equals One

on 02. May, 2016

Written by Elsie Chan for Prof. Neil Hartlen In “Options” by John Varley, the author explores the story of a family whose mother, Cleo, is thinking of undergoing sex reassignment. The surgery is reversible, thanks to its universe’s highly advanced technology in cloning and surgical operations. In “X: A Fabulous Child’s Story,” written by Lois […]

Finding Oneself in “Options” and “Coming of Age in Karhide”

on 02. May, 2016

Written by Sania Malik for Prof. Neil Hartlen In society, adolescents and adults constantly find themselves feeling confused, or as though they do not belong. It is difficult to establish and maintain a space for yourself, especially when you do not know who you are. It is a known fact that the concept of gender […]


on 02. May, 2016

Written by Matthew Iakov Liberman Some might reproach me for my facetiousness. I reproach “such ‘serious animals’” for their “prejudice against all ‘frohliche Wissenschaft’; let us show that this is prejudice!” To attack the Musician of the Future with such a dour creaking machine of the intellect in ‘ernst,’ would be a heinous blasphemy. (Nietzsche, […]

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