From the editors

From the editors



Dear Readers,

Welcome to the seventh edition of the Dawson English Journal.

From short stories to epic novels, poetic expressions of feelings to angry essays about politics, and examining mythology in our favorite literary classics, this edition of the Journal will surely have something to interest you. You will have the chance to enjoy some of our Dawson students’ finest essays. To all of our readers, thank you for your interest in our beloved publication. It takes time, effort, and a bit of courage for both students and editors to share their work and bring out the best in their writing abilities. The editing process can be difficult sometimes; differences in opinion arise often but the motivation to show off the best English writing our college has to offer is reason enough to work through the differences.

Once a year, Dawson students are invited to send us their best English essays in the hopes of getting their work published. We appreciate the diversity and talent that the students have shown through their writing, and of course, we appreciate the teachers that make it all possible. Rebecca Million founded the journal when a former student of hers suggested the idea back in 2010. It shows that when students and teachers work together, great things can come from it. Genuine appreciation for each other’s work makes learning an easier and more enjoyable activity for all. This year we would like to graciously say thanks to Shalon Noble for taking on the effort to lead the journal. We could not have done this year’s issue without you!

So if you are a student with great ideas to share or an English teacher looking for some bragging rights to let the college know that your class writes the best essays, send us an essay and talk to your students. Let the world read them; you never know what great things may come from it until you give it a try!

Therefore, on behalf of the entire editing team, thank you for the support, the positive responses, the amazing submissions, and above all, your time spent reading the Dawson English Journal.


Sahib Al-shemeri, Editor



Dear Readers,

Welcome to the 2015 issue of the Dawson English Journal!

In this edition, we cover a variety of topics in the form of essays, formal or personal. The literary works covered range from Lord of the Rings to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, with a commentary on music to wrap up this little gift.

An editing process for any piece of work is never easy, but the task of editing over forty submissions is quite daunting. Editors will have opinions that the others will disagree on and we need to make the tough decision to eliminate a student’s hard work from the final pile. However, the students look to us as editors to dress up their work to the nines and represent our college in the most positive light. Our differences can easily be set aside for this purpose, wouldn’t you agree?

The students have to be especially commended. Putting one’s work forward for criticism is not an easy task, especially with the risk of rejection. However, all who submitted are brave souls who were willing to take the risk and submit their best work to this journal. That is enough to make them winners for our college.

If anyone reading this is a student with big ideas and an essay to match, take your courage in both hands and send it to us. You may have the pleasure of seeing it online or in a hard copy in your hands!

Having said all of this, on behalf of the 2014-2015 editing team, I’d like to extend many thanks to those who submitted and all those who continue to support Rebecca Million’s endeavors to show off our top-notch writers.

Sara Capanna, Editor